Review: 20 Weeks


Title: 20 Weeks
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Leena Pendharkar
Starring: Anna Margaret Hollyman, Amir Arison, Michelle Krusiec
Runtime: 1 hr 29 mins

What It Is: A couple Maya (Hollyman) and Ronan (Arison) find out they are parents to be. The thing is they’re the type of people who never initially saw themselves as parents. While going through all the necessary moments and doctors appointments they find out they’re baby to be could possibly have a birth defect. This defect could leave him with some hands that do not work. Now they have to decide whether or not to terminate the pregnancy or not.

What We Think: This is a smartly paced film. One that circumvents potential genre pitfalls. It belies any ordinary storytelling and instead stays laser-focused on its subject matter and theme. This is Pendharkar’s biggest strength I think. She knows the journey she wants to take us on and see fit to not stray from this particular yarn. Out of her cast, she gets good to great performances, especially from Hollyman. Some will be off-put by the central message and to them, I say so what? Deal with it. It’s a progressive message, even if it is a bit heavy-handed.

Our Grade: B, This is a film I think a lot of people should check out. It’s a bit of a hard film to find right now due to it making its festival run. This is something we talk about in our exclusive interview with director Leena Pendharkar which you can find below. See the film and check out Pendharkar’s other work. Also send her a shoutout on Twitter @leenapend and tell her how much you loved her time spent with your favorite Snobs. Be sure that when you do find this film you watch it and let us know your thoughts.

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