Review: Killing Gunther


Title: Killing Gunther
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Taran Killam
Starring: Taran KillamArnold Schwarzenegger, Hannah Simone
Runtime: 1 hr 32 mins

What It Is: Blake (Killam) thinks he is the world’s best assassin. This isn’t true because an enigmatic assassin named Gunther (Schwarzenegger) still exist. Now Blake has assembled a team of other assassin’s in a plot to as the title suggests kill Gunther. The only problem is that task is going more difficult then it seems. Whether it’s through explosives, poison or good old fashion firearms the team will try anything and everything it can to end the life of this mysterious assassin.

What We Think: I hated this movie. Like really, truly and fully. It’s the worst film I saw at the San Diego International Film Festival by a long shot. Once more it was one of the most packed theaters through the entirety of the festival. People disappoint me. All of the dialogue is this cliched action movie BS that just doesn’t work in 2017 and barely worked in 1987. The CGI is, to put it bluntly, terrible! Most of the jokes are okay but none of them pack much of a punch. Even the action is worthless and not confidently directed.

Our Grade: D, Is this the worst film of 2017? Nah! It has a heart and the camaraderie between the cast seems both genuine and interesting. I can’t in good conscience recommend anyone but like your dad see this one. You know what I mean by that too. That dad that will watch literally ANY action film, particularly one with Arnie or Sly. That’s who this film is for. But that’s the only person. This film is too dumb to be considered a proper satire and is more akin to Dance Movie then so something like Hot Shots. Even though that is certainly what it wanted to be.

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