Review: Ingrid Goes West


Title: Ingrid Goes West
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Matt Spicer
Starring: Aubrey PlazaElizabeth OlsenO’Shea Jackson Jr.
Runtime: 1 hr 38 mins

What It Is: Ingrid Thorburn (Plaza) is a lonely soul obsessed with the lives of others she sees on Instagram. Previously she was institutionalized for attacking a woman who commented to her once on Instagram because she didn’t get a wedding invite. Her mother has just passed away and left her a considerable amount of money. Now she’s obsessing over Taylor (Sloan) and her California lifestyle. Ingrid does what she thinks is a logical next step and…well…goes west. Now in California she’s trying to emulate her current obsession.

What We Think: Aubrey Plaza gives a great performance in this highly underseen modern rethinking of the old Single White Female trope. It’s even mentioned in the script. O’Shea Jackson Jr. is really good here if a bit underutilized. Olsen is a treat and Wyatt Russell does an excellent job as Ezra, the Mr. to Olsen’s Sloan. I think it explores its themes of both mental health and the modern obsession with social media really well. I think it is poignant and modern and a story that’ll remain relevant for some time.

Our Grade: B, This is a film I’m going to recommend highly. Check this one out! For fans of Plaza, you won’t be disappointed this might be her best performance. It’s either this or Safety Not Guaranteed. Regardless Plaza has an eerie charm that’ll have you eating out of her palm within minutes. Films like this have an innate ability to remain with you even after you see them. This one did that and it’ll have you thinking about your social media habits long after the credits roll. Also very disappointed at the lack of “Kiss From a Rose” here. See the film and then @ me all about it.

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