Review: Good Time


Title: Good Time
MPAA Rating: R
Director: The Safdie Brothers
Starring: Robert PattinsonBenny SafdieJennifer Jason Leigh
Runtime: 1 hr 41 mins

What It Is: Brothers Connie (Pattinson) and Nick (Safdie) Nikas have just robbed a bank but Nick has gone through a window during their sprint to escape. Because of this Nick is captured by the police and arrested. Nick is mentally handicapped and makes a mistake that lands him in jail. Now older brother Connie will do whatever it takes and I mean anything, to get his brother out of jail and back to somewhere safe.

What We Think: This film is incredible. Directed by the seat of its pants and at a break neck speed there’s certainly something to be said about the films style. The Safdie Brothers seem to be crafting their own sort of style and it’s evident both here and in their other feel Heaven Knows What. A plethora of neons and reds permeates throughout the films gorgeous cinematography. Structurally the film has almost no flaws. It’s story is simple and well told and the frames all ooze that certain grit that only New York City can wrought. This whole film however would have fallen apart if not for a breathtaking turn from its star Robert Pattinson. These are the types of roles he needs to keep doing.

Our Grade: A+, 2017’s fight for the ten best just got a new contender. Holy crap did this film floor me in all of the best ways. I, of course am going to highly HIGHLY recommend this particular film. If you haven’t yet seen this one make it appointment viewing ASAP. Take whatever preconceptions you had in regards to Pattinson in his past work. Dudes BEEN doing great work from Cosmopolis, to The Rover and finally right here perhaps his absolute best.

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