Review: A Week Away


Title: A Week Away
MPAA Rating: TV-PG
Director: Roman White
Starring: Kevin Quinn, Bailee Madison, Jahbril Cook
Runtime: 1 hr 24 mins

What It Is: Troubled youth Will (Quinn) is in hot water again and this time he has nowhere to go. When Kristin (Sherri Shepard) offers him a shot to spend his summer at a Christian summer camp her son George (Cook) attends he takes the offer. The camp, run by David (David Koechner) runs a summer-long contest between three teams. The blue team run by the camp’s overachiever Sean (Iain Tucker), the green team run by George, and the red team run by David’s daughter Avery (Madison). When Will meets Avery that’s where our story really begins.

What We Think: This is an easy-breezy mess of a musical. Don’t make a mistake I LOVE musicals. Look at my reviews on films like La La Land and the absolutely stellar In the Heights. Hell, look at our YouTube channel and you’ll find a countdown for musicals in every decade of sound. That said the songs sound like some mixture of contemporary Christian rock (CCR) and pop. It just all sounds like half-assed nonsense. Quinn and Madison seem like cousins awkwardly trying not to commit incest. Not a lot of things going on here to talk about positively. So let’s instead focus on the grade and why.

Our Grade: D, Not a total mess it tries really hard to sabotage itself. Roman White is mostly a country music video director by god does that show. Unlike music video director with Roman in his name (Mark Romanek) this guy might not be cut out for features at all. There’s just nothing here to really sink your teeth into. I’m not even sure who top recommend this film to other then maybe the dude you know who thinks Skillet rocks just a little TOO much.

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