Review: La La Land


Title: La La Land
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: Damian Chazelle
Starring: Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Rosemarie DeWitt
Runtime: 2 hr 8 mins

What It Is: When struggling actress Mia (Stone) hears the beautiful music of jazz pianist Sebastian (Gosling) she’s instantly drawn to him, despite the fact that he’s not the nicest person to her. A chance meeting once again crossed their paths and this time they are star-crossed no more as their celestial bodies collide. She speaks of her dreams in Hollywood, he of the club he hopes to one day own.

What We Think: This is the best film of the year! I have not had more fun at the movies than I did seeing this. From the wonderful music to the dancing, and singing! Chazelle crafts an ode to Hollywood whose cinematography is equal parts Vertigo and An American in Paris. It is a living breathing thing of beauty that’ll get your heart pumping while taking your breath away. It’s been quoted by many that they don’t make movies like this anymore and that is for sure true. I think they need to make more of these. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are awesome! It is their chemistry that carries this movie and makes the ending we get all the more weighted.   

Our Grade: A+, This might be 2016’s best movie. I had so much fun in the theater watching this film. Damian Chazelle is an absolute master here. Do you know how difficult it is to direct a movie? Moreover, do you know how hard it is to make a regular film? Let alone one with dancing choreography and singing. Obviously, I’m going to recommend you check this film out as it is so very good. Check this out at your local theater as soon as possible. Keep an eye out when the Oscar nominations hit I think we’ll be seeing this take home even more trophies.

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