Review: Avengers – Infinity War


Title: Avengers: Infinity War
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: Joe & Anthony Russo
Starring: Josh Brolin, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth
Runtime: 2 hr 29 mins

What It Is: An event ten years in the making. This brings together the Avengers, last seen both trying to fight off Ultron in Avengers: Age of Ultron and each other in Captain America: Civil War. They’ll need the help of both our friendly neighborhood Spiderman and the Guardians of the Galaxy if they’re to defeat the Mad Titan himself…Thanos (Brolin). You see his plan is to acquire the six infinity stones and bring balance to the universe.

What We Think: A humongous film in terms of preparation and scope. There’s a ton of stuff to like here, including some risky business by the Russo’s at the end. Here’s my biggest issue, and I’m fully prepared for the hate coming to my direction, my biggest issue stems from the use of CGI. There’s way too much of it. The “Children of Thanos” were 100% motion capture and it really just didn’t leave much in the way of caring. Spidey’s suit. CGI. Rocket and Groot. Full CGI. Ironman’s suit. CGI. It’s decently acted but these are veteran actors, who in most cases have played these roles for quite some time. For those that have seen the film, I disliked the ending, you know why. I loved Dr. Strange in this. His character was fun and kept a consistent tone. I can’t say the same for most of the characters. It’s not all bad though! I think that this is overall a good popcorn flick and far more interesting than the last installment in the Avengers series. Likewise, when the jokes are needed they hit and are hilarious. A tighter directed film with a bit more concentration on a better script would’ve worked.

Our Grade: C+, Too much CGI will never win me over, especially when packaged with an uneven tone. Most will enjoy it as fun superhero nonsense but for a ten-year long build, it’s a bit of a disappointment. It’s always a pleasure to see my boy Captain America in a film and that’s not a spoiler dudes on the poster. His fate? You’ll have to watch the movie for that one. I’ll recommend it, not that it matters the films going to make a ridiculous amount of money. I’ve started to sour on the Marvel template as it’s been presented. Perhaps Antman and the Wasp can change that. Shoutout to Thanos for being the greatest villain the MCU has ever experienced.

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