Review: Golden Exits


Title: Golden Exits
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Alex Ross Perry
Starring: Emily BrowningAdam HorovitzMary-Louise Parker
Runtime: 1 hr 34 mins

What It Is: Nick (Horowitz) has cheated on his wife multiple times with his various assistants. This has caused a massive distrust between him and Alyssa (Chloë Sevigny) his wife. While working on his father-in-laws legacy he has a new assistant. A lovely Australian woman named Naomi (Browning) and once again Nick is, perhaps, trying to put his hand in a cookie jar that it should not be in. This time it may also be one it’s not wanted in. You see Naomi has eyes for the married Buddy (Jason Schwartzman) at least it looks like it.

What We Think: This is typical Alex Ross Perry. A character study that doesn’t necessarily study one character but all of the characters dealing with one situation and its consequences, how it affects everyone. I never expected the type of performance we see out of Adam Horowitz. I mean dude was one of The Beastie Boys and now here he is; giving a really solid performance as the epicenter here. From a writing perspective, Ross Perry doesn’t deliver as well as he does in Queen of Earth, which I think is one of this decade’s underrated gems.

Our Grade: B+, So here’s kind of the thing. This film is really good but the general audience will be turned off by it. I mean his previous work is literally the exact same way. Listen Up Philip is another great film but suffers from the same deliberate pacing of this. While I enjoy things like this most audiences will be turned off. Come for Ross Perry’s solid direction and screenplay stay for a well rounded and well-told story of a fairly despicable guy, aka the ARP special.


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