Review: Game Over, Man!


Title: Game Over, Man!
MPAA Rating: TV-MA
Director: Kyle Newacheck
Starring: Adam DevineAnders HolmBlake Anderson
Runtime: 1 hr 41 mins

What It Is: Three bumbling idiot maids are caught between a terrorist organization and a Middle Eastern Prince that they’re trying to steal from. Through all sorts of things occurring, mostly from their own idiocy, they’ve been put in a position where they’re kind of the only hope for the group of hostages, including the Prince who said he’d finance their video game idea. Can these buffoons actually save the day or are all the hostages doomed to die?

What We Think: I hate this movie so SO much. It isn’t funny and when it tells a joke it tells the easy one. Dick and fart jokes aren’t funny unless you’re like 12 years old. There are times when the show these three are from Workaholics is really funny. That’s not what happened here. The leads are just super annoying and not really worth a damn. All of the villains are lame and their motivations predictable. Even the big “twist” is crap and adds nothing to the whole affair. Why is this film 101 mins? You easily could cut 15 minutes out of this and just been merciful on the audience.

Our Grade: D-, Quite easily one of 2018’s worst films. Maybe stick to the small screen for the three of them. Individually these gentlemen are doing cool things. Look at Adam Devine. Stuff like Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates or When We First Met the latter of which is far better than this. Netflix come one bro! Let’s make these films with some consistency Netflix. Well, consistently good, which means maybe stop working with Adam Sandler? I can’t recommend this to literally anyone. Skip this, skip it so so very hard.

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