Review: Happy Anniversary


Tite: Happy Anniversary
MPAA Rating: TV-MA
Director: Jared Stern
Starring: Noël WellsBen SchwartzRahul Kohli
Runtime: 1 hr 18 mins

What It Is: Mollie (Wells) and Sam (Schwartz) are about to celebrate their third year of being in a relationship. With this Mollie gets worried she’s making a mistake sticking with Sam, and Sam is concerned her heart may not be in it. Meanwhile, Sam’s business partner Ed (Kohli) is about to move on to fatherhood. This is a realization to Sam that Mollie and he aren’t as perfect as he assumed soon starts to run rampant in his head.

What We Think: I love both of the lead performances here. Wells and Schwartz have excellent chemistry together. Not only do they seem like a real couple but the dialogue here is fresh and fantastic. I think Jared Stern really does a great job of doing something RomComs rarely do. We kinda sympathize with the male lead. Normally they’re one dimensional idiots hellbent on a good lay. Here, instead, we get a grounded and wonderful turn by Ben Schwartz. At no point does the script stop giving you reasons to laugh or smile. Narratively it gels together even in moments when it seems to drift toward cliche.

Our Grade: A-, Bravisima Netflix! You did it! In a short time you’ve made two good films. Couple this with 6 Balloons and somehow after all the crap Netflix has put out film wise they’ve put out two good ones. I recommend this one all the time whenever someone asks for a good film on the platform. Being only 78 mins makes it a good quick watch as well. For me that’s a super important part in my recommendation. If you want a great laugh with excellent performances and everything else a romcom can do well, done well check this one out ASAP.

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