Review: Mountain


Title: Mountain
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Jen Peedom
Narrated: Willem Dafoe
Runtime: 74 minutes

What It Is: A visual look into the perilous world of mountain climbing. Shot by world-renowned climber Renan Ozturk and narrated by Willem Dafoe.

What We Think: It’s a love letter to the mountains themselves, complete with verse and hymn as inspiring as the cinematography. Nothing can prepare you for the awe inspiring portraits of ridged rock shrouded in white powdered snow and clouds, yet reminds you of the mountains power. The music interlays with Dafoe’s voice in a way that leaves us longing to leave the safety of suburbia in search of a wilder purpose. It draws even the softest couch cushion of people, (here!) to seek the thin air in reality, though with enough respect to project the dangers.

Our Grade: B+, I found myself wishing I had previewed the film at my local planetarium, the vaulted ceiling granting it the space such a vision truly deserves. It’s disheartening regulating such incredible views to a smaller screen. It’s a sensory pleasing film that not only draws awe, but respect for its star. I loved that I had the opportunity to experience it but it left me wondering if it would draw crowds. While the differing Mountain ranges were a worthy stars on their own, it was more an experience than a story. I gave credit that the visual nature would draw the nature and adventure seekers, but then they may be out enjoying the views in person. So while Mountain is a film feast for the eyes, it may too high palette for the crowds it deserves.

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