InteReview: When She Runs (Las Vegas Film Festival)


Title: When She Runs
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Directors: Robert MachoianRodrigo Ojeda-Beck
Starring: Kirstin AndersonIvan GehringIan Graham
Runtime: Unknown

What It Is: Kirstin (Anderson) is a young runner who’s hoping to make the Olympic team. She’s also the mother of a three-year-old little boy. Currently, she’s on a strict diet which includes regular sleeping patterns and a protein-packed daily routine. As with anything involving children this proves to be a struggle. Is Kirstin strong enough to achieve her dream or will temptation and gluttony rear its ugly head and ruin what she’s working so hard to accomplish?

What We Think: This film is utterly fantastic. Machoian and Ojeda-Beck (who we interviewed below) really do an excellent job of making this film as personal as possible. Right down to Machoian casting both his son and father in roles in the film. What we’re given is one women’s journey. Her struggle with things we take advantage of every day. Something as simple as going to a birthday party seems like a Goliath exercise in not self-destructing. All of this tension and worry is all played out wonderfully by Kirstin Anderson’s sensational lead performance. She keeps the “action” flowing through her throughout and keep your attention right where it should be…with her.

Our Grade: A-, These two dudes have crafted a stellar film worth your time and one that played here in Las Vegas and at another great festival, we got invited to…Tribeca. If you can find the film now, well you’re probably at a festival congrats. Distribution should be coming soon. Do I recommend it? Duh! Whenever a film can just tell a story, and in this case an underdog one and do it well it deserves your time and mine (again). Be sure to check below for our awesome interview with the directors of this great film.

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