Review: GLOW Season 2


Title: GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling)
Network: Netflix
Starring: Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin, Marc Maron
Seasons: 2 (10 episodes each)

What It Is: The ladies from the first season of this Netflix Original series are back! These grappling females return and even being down their trainer Cherry (Sydelle Noel) they’re determined to continue getting better and bringing the graps to the masses. Debbie (Gilpin) and Ruth (Brie) still very much dislike each other. Sam (Maron) is both taking care of his daughter he never knew he had, Justine (Britt Baron) as well as having way more stress to make more episodes with more restrictions from the network. 

What We Think: This might be Netflix’ best half-hour series. Not only are the characters unique and interesting but they all function within the series differently. Of all the ladies here the real surprise, because of the depth of character added, is Kia Stevens’ Welfare Queen. Getting a bit of insight into her as a character and more importantly, it being interesting makes it all worthwhile. Even a minor character like Beirut (Sunita Mani) leaves this season almost a different character because of development. How they fit that much into ten episodes is beyond me. Especially when they essentially dedicated what might be the best episode of the series (208) to telling stories. A mish-mash of cornucopic craziness that can only be described as “true to the source”. A true gem.

Our Grade: A+, Season two does a lot to move the story forward while being a season all it’s own. This attribute is something that not only keeps the audience engaged but makes me wish season 3 was live on Netflix to streaming tomorrow. I cannot wait for season three which takes us to a place I’m very familiar with. GLOW in its original “wrestling” form only lasted three years. Let’s hope that this series last a little bit longer because I could go for more than just ten more episodes of this.

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