Review: A Thing of Dreams (Fantastic Fest 2018)


Title: A Thing of Dreams
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: K. Spencer Jones, Jake Wilkens
Starring: Marcus Coloma, Anton David Jeftha, Stephanie Scholz
Runtime: 1 hr 34 mins

What It Is: After prescription drugs allow people to have greater lucidity in their dreams, a woman is tricked from her significant other into taking pills to induce nightmares in order to stop her infidelity.

What We Think: The scares, though predicated on the cliche jump scare are effective and for a short that comes in at only 11 minutes, that’s important. When that strategy works, as it does here it engulfs the audience and crafts suspense.

Our Grade: B-,  I feel like there could have been more development to the story, or a more complex plot. This is such a great concept; it almost baffles me to think they wouldn’t use the opportunities they had to put in more story. However, it still made me jump and kept my interest throughout. A recommendation for sure if you can find it. A short review for a short film. Thanks to Fantastic Fest 2018 for allowing us to check this out!

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