TV Review: Quarter Life Poetry (2019 Sundance Film Festival)


Title: Quarter Life Poetry
Network: FX
Starring: Samantha Jayne
Seasons: 1 (Episode Total Unknown)

What It Is: Based on the best-selling book that’s based on the Instagram page created by Samantha Jayne. This looks at various pitfall that befalls those twentysomething millennials. From whether to go or not or misogyny in the workplace Jayne takes us through her experiences and situations all while rhyming in a slam poetry style. These are poems for the young, broke and hangry as the marketing suggests.

What We Think: This show has a unique spin to it. Samantha Jayne takes this premise and runs with it. The first episode (the only one I saw) manages to fit in about four different stories all with their own beat and rhythm. Each setting the stage to tell a relatable modern tale that works as an outlet for Jayne and anyone else in her “generation”. A wonderful satire on the world we live in this is the type of show that 2019 needs and one I’m hoping FX will invest some money into. The talent is there. From the camerawork to the writing everything sort of coalesces. Jayne is ridiculously talented and if this show hits (as hard as I think it will) she’ll be a humongous star.

Our Grade: B+, This is a very cool show and one I am immensely happy to have the privilege to get on the ground floor of. I recommend this one quite highly. As of right now, there is no release date. What we DO know FX has it and if they’re smart (and history says they are) they’ll keep this one around. It is unlike any show on television right now. Which in 2019 is a tough task. It’s an even more difficult one to make that uniquity work while keeping the show of high quality. It’s done gloriously here.

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