Review: Babysplitters

Title: Babysplitters
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Sam Friedlander
Starring: Danny Pudi, Emily Chang, Eddie Alfano
Runtime: 1 hr 59 mins

What It Is: Jeff (Pudi) and Sarah (Chang) are now thirtysomethings looking to perhaps start a family. Jeff isn’t really read, but their friends Taylor (Maiara Walsh) and Don (Alfano) are in a similar boat. Don is ready but Taylor doesn’t want her body to change. They come up with a solution that could help everyone. They will share the growth of a child. As the title implies. As it probably would situations and problems arise that could throw wrenches in the machine.

What We Think: There are some really funny parts to this comedy. Daniel Pudi is in full “Community” mode here. He’s funny and a little charming, uncharacteristically so. The characters are all very likable and their plight is one many many couples go through all over the world. You’re with them and want everything to go well. That’s a testament to the acting. The direction by Sam Friedlander is good and makes everything move along easily. Solid acting is another hallmark of good direction and we have that here. Funny, charming this is a real winner!

Our Grade: B-, This is one I would certainly recommend. It’s a fun and funny film. Picking up awards all over the place…you can see why. There’s not a whole lot that goes on here that I can speak on from a negative standpoint. If there were anything it would be that the runtime is all a bit too much. A minute short of 2 hours is long. Comedies should wrap up somewhere around 90 minutes total. Perhaps, and this is a suggestion a sharper edit. There’s a romcom from last year that edited itself after my review and was all the sharper for it.