Review: Good Boys

Title: Good Boys
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Gene Stupnitsky
Starring: Jacob Tremblay, Keith L. Williams, Brady Noon
Runtime: 1 hr 30 mins

What It Is: Max (Tremblay) Lucas (Williams) and Thor (Noon) collectively known as “The Beanbag Boys” are a group of friends who are really just trying to navigate their Junior High experience. With the sixth grade in full swing, Max gets invited to a kissing party by the popular kids. Max’s biggest problem though is he has no idea HOW to kiss. For that, he thinks the best solution is to look to his teenage neighbor Hannah (Molly Gordon) is the best person to inquire to.

What We Think: This might be the hardest I’ve laughed at an actual comedy all year. Not only are the three leads cast perfectly but their chemistry hits. There are moments here where whatever was being said I had to pause for laughter or else I’d miss a joke. The ’00s had Superbad and I think that along with the wonderful Booksmart this fills that odd niche. Crude comedy often isn’t my thing but when it is presented well and this wit sharp I cannot help but enjoy it. Jacob Tremblay is no longer the little guy from Room, instead, here he proves a reliable leading man with a very good comic edge.

Our Grade: A-, One of 2019’s funniest films this one is a gut-buster. Can I recommend it? Absolutely! You should certainly see this one. Though it is R-rated I would actually totally recommend that kids watch it with their parents. There are lessons in this I think kids around 11-14 years old could benefit from…plus they’ll FOR SURE laugh at most of this. Much like any other Seth Rogen production, it earns it R-rating there are some crude jokes and situations involving tweens.