Review: Love, Antosha


Title: Love, Antosha
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Garret Price
Starring: Anton Yelchin, JJ Abrams, Nicolas Cage
Runtime: 1 hrs 32 mins

What It Is: Proceeding his tragic death in 2016, we encounter the lives of which famous young actor Anton Yelchin had touched deeply, as well as what drove him throughout his blossoming career. We delve into each component of his life, from his childhood to his career breakthroughs, to his struggle with cystic fibrosis: this documentary pieces together all the things that made Anton, the person he was, and the legacy he left.

What We Think: Solid biography, all around. Lovely, to-the-point, and doesn’t dwell on nor exploit the morbid aspects of Anton’s story, which I really hold to. It was an interesting look into this person’s life, a road-trip that we get to ride on with him as he goes from point A to point B, very quickly to the point where he becomes a famous actor. It’s an insightful and generous look into how the artist viewed and struggled with and bettered his art. We hear him through journal entries, letters, films, stories, and interviews, none of which feel invasive. The film is very well and very much solely supported by people’s personal encounters and relationships with Anton, which makes it all the more fascinating than just a narrator explaining things to us. You can tell it was a much more personal project not only taken on by the filmmakers but those who knew Anton whose voices were included.

Our Grade: B+, A sweet dedication to a person who held himself up to a high standard and was constantly driven by his need to create and explore, this particular film feels a very simple documentary complimenting an admirable and complex character we had yet to learn more from.

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