Review: Dinner in America (Sundance 2020)


Title: Dinner in America
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Director: Adam Rehmeier
Starring: Kyle Gallner, Emily Skeggs, Mary Lynn Rajskub
Runtime: 1 hr 46 mins

What It Is: Simon is a punk. I don’t mean he has an attitude problem, though he does. I mean he lives the punk life. Fast, loud and full of energy. When he’s on the lam from the cops he runs into the very grounded and naive Patty (Skeggs). As these two unlikely friends begin to grow Patty slowly learns of Simon’s life. What she finds out turns their relationship upside down in the most badass of ways.

What We Think: This film fucking rocks! Like a Pollock painting made of blood sweat and tears. This film is equal parts Romeo and Juliet and Sid and Nancy. Gallner and Skeggs are stars. Of this, there is no doubt. What director Adam Rehmeier does with this is absolutely marvelous. At times there seems to be a point where he’s a ringmaster controlling the circus taking part in front of him. I loved the music in this which is very much of the “crust punk” variety. All the supporting cast just does an excellent job of selling the mania occurring. It’s a film that looks beautiful on top of it all. It doesn’t have that traditional “gorgeous” cinematography. Instead, it uses framing and excellent production design to move it all along. It’s funny as hell and headed there in a rush.

Our Grade: A+, Perhaps THE best film of Sundance 2020. An impressive film that I had on my radar but NEVER expected to be as good as it is. Someone buy this thing! It deserves every bit of cash spent on it. The two leads are stars in the making. Its director is a guy I HOPE doesn’t take 6 years to make his next film. He’s got stories to tell and they’re punk af and ready to fucking riot! Any buzz or hype you hear is legit. This is a good time at the movies for those that aren’t afraid of a little rebellion.

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