Review: Four Good Days (Sundance 2020)

Title: Four Good Days
MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated
Director: Rodrigo Garcia
Starring: Mila Kunis, Glenn Close, Stephen Root
Runtime: 1 hr 40 mins

What It Is: Deb (Close) is a mother whose daughter Molly (Kunis) has been addicted to heroin for going on 10 years plus. When Molly shows up at Deb’s doorstep AGAIN she has to decide whether or not to allow her daughter (who is an addict and thief) to stay with her again. After a short stint at a rehab facility (a place she’s been 14 times prior), she’s told a familiar place is where she should stay. Deb now has her and needs her to stay clean for four more days so a life-saving injection can possibly be done.

What We Think: This is simply mediocre. Mila Kunis is doing some of her best work, but I’m not sure what that says. Close is her typical great. She never overacts the obviously hammy dialogue. This is a story that’s been told far too often, and much better. Look at films like Heaven Knows What itself based on a true story…much like this. Garcia doesn’t do anything particularly flashy. It’s a competently directed film…which COULD be a compliment.

Our Grade: D+, Oh boy! I wanted so badly for this to be a more effective experience. But the pedestrian technique and undercooked script simply didn’t grab me in a way it should’ve. Sometimes these things just aren’t as effective. All in all, I sort of expect better from Sundance. When this is released most “normal” audiences will probably like this. Perhaps it hits them in a way it never did me. Having said this perhaps the aforementioned film is a better watch since it’s on Netflix, and it’s you know, a Safdie Brothers movie. Which is to say of very high quality both structurally and narratively.