Review: Inside Out


Title: Inside Out
MPAA Rating: PG
Director: Pete Docter, Ronnie del Carmen
Starring: Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, Lewis Black
Runtime: 1 hr 34 mins

What It Is: Riley is 11 years old she’s lived in Minnesota her whole life. She’s always been a happy go lucky child. Now she’s being moved across the country to San Francisco. This change in her life has lead her emotions to go insane. Or did it? Perhaps it was the five emotions that control Riley, Joy (Poehler), Sadness (Smith), Anger (Black), Fear (Bill Hader), and Disgust (Mindy Kaling). When Sadness causes disarray with Riley’s core memories her emotions are at stake. If they (Joy and Sadness) cannot fix the problem it could result in permanent mood swings for Riley.

What We Think: Pixar have once again crafted a masterwork of animation. One that evokes feelings in it’s witnesses. As you watch the film you’re struck by your odd attachment to theses characters. These characters are simply emotion incarnate. Whether it’s the hotheaded (literally) Anger or the boisterous Joy. Director Pete Docter really builds the world, and it’s a fantastic one. From Richard Kind’s show-stealing performance of Bing Bong, or the subtle greatness that is Kaling’s Disgust there’s just a lot to like here. As a narrative it works flawlessly. Whether we’re in or out of Riley’s head we just get what’s going on. It all makes complete sense.

Our Grade: A-, This is the best Pixar has been in a long time, like since 2010. With this they’ve taken there most difficult subject manner and made it work swimmingly. It’s such a charming film as well. From top to bottom this is one of the year’s best films (animated or not). With that I’d say don’t be surprised if Inside Out does something that hasn’t been done since Pixar did it last. Get an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture. See this movie, without a doubt. It isn’t perfect (it drags a bit in the middle) but this is one that is great for the whole family. Right down the the subtle reference to one of my favorite movies Chinatown. 

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