Review: Road Head


Title: Road Head
MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated
Director: David Del Rio
Starring: Elizabeth Grullon, Paul T. Taylor, Damian Joseph Quinn
Runtime: 1 hr 24 mins

What It Is: Three friends take a road trip into the desert hoping to relax at the lake… a lake that turns out to be all dried up. Determined to have a good time, they decide to troop through and try to have a vacation anyway, when coming upon a medieval, awkward-looking yet malevolent man that beheads all who invade his territory comes after them.

What We Think: The beginning scene makes the tone of the film all relatively clear; it strikes incredibly similar to something like Lasso or Head Count. Yet I believe there’s quite a bit more merit to watching this film above the others, it’s very given for every take. Though the dialogue is quite rambling and the push for characterization is heavy and repetitive, the characters can still be quite enjoyable. I honestly started getting attached to them. Though not all the jokes or humor lands, there’s still a certain charm to the movie’s nature, a buoyancy and overall fun to it. The silliness of the plot (a sort of PG-13 TheBad-Batch-meets-The-Hills-Have-Eyes), the lighthearted performances by the cast, awkward moments all make for what is ultimately an entertaining flick. Despite the lower production value and mostly flat cinematography, it feels like something made out of the filmmakers and cast having a good time.

Our Grade: C, I would think this is the kind of thing that would be a hoot to see with friends at a party. There were some chuckle-worthy moments and funny characters that make for a nice little breather from one’s everyday life. Certain things like that come unexpected and are very much welcome in this off-kilter, very much ruthless horror flick.

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