Review: Take Out Girl


Title: Take Out Girl
Rating: Not Yet Rated
Director: Hisonni Johnson
Starring: Hedy Wong, Ski Carr, Lynna Yee
Runtime: 1 hr 40 mins

What is it: To give her family a chance at a better life and save her family’s failing restaurant, Tera Wong, a desperate 20-year-old Asian girl, parlays her Chinese food delivery expertise into a profitable drug hustle. 

What we think: What did I think of this film? I found it to be interesting despite there being a couple of hiccups. You may be asking what about this film makes it so interesting and why should I watch it? Well, let’s start off with what I like about this film. The lead actress happens to be Asian. Yes, that’s right, she’s Asian as well as strong, brave, and feisty. Something we need more of! More strong women in leadership roles and more diversity in our film and television shows. America, it’s 2020. It’s about time we started incorporating more diversity and cultures into our entertainment. White is NOT the only beautiful color in this world. Another thing I really liked was that this film was shockingly relatable. I also loved the relationship between Tera and her mother. Their bond and the love Tera has for her mother and her health is something I more than relate to. With that said, as previously mentioned this film did have some hiccups. This is a movie that does have a slow start to it however, the more you watch it, the better it gets. There are also a couple of scenes in which people are getting hurt. Admittedly, the sound effects were kind of noticeable and a tad bit cheesy and the acting in a particular scene where someone is getting shot could have been better. However, these minor hiccups were not enough to make this a bad film.

Our grade: B+, This is a good film detailing common family troubles which many can probably relate to. All in all, a decent film with a lot of strong women and a relatable storyline.

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