Review: Underneath the Same Moon


Title: Underneath the Same Moon
Rating: N/A
Director: Bob Wasson
Starring: Sara Ball, Meg Cashel, Anderson Davis
Runtime: 2 hrs 5 mins

What It Is: A happily married man awakens from a coma losing the last five years of his life. His last recollection is buying a wedding ring… for his ex-girlfriend. Will his heart remember what his brain forgot?

What We Think: This is not a film I can personally recommend to anyone and feel good about afterward. I also can’t talk about this film without sounding like a complete and total bitch, so here goes nothing. I don’t know how this movie won awards in film festivals. There were so many things wrong with this film it’s not even funny. Admittedly, the beginning of this was not bad despite that the opening sequence was really fucking weird and made it seem like it was about some kind of space adventure and not a supposed rom-com/drama. The ONLY good thing about this film was the cinematography, lighting, and sound. However, after the first initial 7 minutes passed, it went downhill, QUICKLY! The acting was bad, the characters were ridiculously immature especially for being supposed “adults” with the way they behaved, and don’t even get me started on the storyline. This is a remake of Michael Sucsy’s 2012 Romance/Drama The Vow and a poor excuse of one. I couldn’t even get halfway through this before I simply turned it off because of how pissed off I was with the stupidity of this film. I am also not someone who gets angry with films often. It’s extremely rare when I do. However, after 30 minutes, I couldn’t watch it anymore. If you are in the mood for a decent romantic film, there are plenty of great films out there like The Notebook, PS, I Love You (Which is my absolute favorite!) or even The Vow. Hell, even Valentine’s Day is a much better romantic comedy than this.

Our grade: D, So this is a film which should be watched with ZERO expectations to impress you. This film might be a good film for stoners to watch because I can’t imagine anyone with a taste in good movies actually liking this when they are sober. The ONLY reason why I am giving this a D and not an F is because admittedly, there is only one other film I can honestly say is even worse than this one that I have seen.

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