Review: What Love Looks Like


Title: What Love Looks Like
Rating: N/A
Director: Alex Magana
Starring: Josh Gilmer, Amber Pauline Magdesyan, Tevy Poe
Runtime: 1 hr 28 mins

What It Is: Five interwoven love stories explore the ups and downs of finding love.

What We Think: Coming from someone who personally loves “love” and even calls a lot of her friends “love” because she enjoys making them feel special (Yes, I am one of those people), given what this film is supposed to be about, it was a film which I truly wanted to love! No pun intended! However, coming from a filmmaker’s perspective, there were many aspects of this film which I personally felt needed work to make this film better. First and foremost, the pacing was very slow. This was noticeable early on and was pretty consistent throughout. Keep in mind, there are a lot of very popular films which can be defined as being slow and as I have said, that hasn’t stopped people from liking them. With this in mind, the pacing is not nearly as big of an issue as the other problems I see. One big issue with this film is that the storyline was either way too predictable OR the storylines seemed too unrealistic or a combination of both. I will admit, the fact that this film was way too predictable did get old after a certain amount of time. Another big issue was the lack of character development. There were a few characters or even scenarios in this movie which I found myself rolling my eyes too simply because to me the characters or storyline seemed too cliché or just simply unrealistic. My advice, if you are going to watch this film, don’t make the same mistake I did and go in with high expectations.

Our Grade: C, This is a film that attempts to showcase the ups and downs of finding love. Had the storyline and characters been developed more, this film could have had potential. However, this film didn’t quite do anything for me personally.

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