Review: A Glitch in the Matrix


Title: A Glitch in the Matrix
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Rodney Ascher
Starring: Nick Bostrom, Joshua Cooke, Philip K. Dick
Runtime: 1 hr 48 mins

What It Is: In this documentary, the question is asked “are we living in a simulation?”. This question is answered by a series of interviews with people who are of the belief that that answer is yes! From those who believe that we are but a series of random events calculated by a computer system to those who believed this to be so true, they went to the ultimate lengths to prove it.

What We Think: This doc goes from curious to strange to downright deranged. It’s a weird journey through a theory that’s both controversial and odd. Most of the film’s more obscure interviewees are covered in a veil of CGI. Not only does this make the film unique in its visual style but it definitely hooks you in a way that only something like this could. There’s an attraction to this material that lends to the documentary intrigue. With its full gamut of interviews, we have the picture that though this belief is niche those who buy in are fully in. One shocking moment late in the film is absolutely crushing to all of us who were of the belief that we were simply going to gain information on this movement.

Our Grade: C, Even though it is a unique subject there’s too much going on and for sure someone could get lost in it all. Sadly the information gets jumbled and things feel out of sorts.  It’s that lack of cohesion that can make or break a documentary and here it hurts it too much. If the subject matter catches your eye then surely this is one to see but otherwise, there’s no reason to seek this out.

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