Review: Every Day in Kaimuki (2022 Sundance Film Festival)


Title: Every Day in Kaimuki
MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated
Director: Alika Tengan
Starring: Naz Kawagami, Jorden Cheng, Kawika Kahiapo
Runtime: 1 hr 21 mins

What It Is: Naz (Kawagami) has aspirations outside of his mundane every day in Kaimuki. Working at a college radio station he’s a young man going through an existential crisis. Where home doesn’t feel like home because all you want is to be anywhere else. As Naz soaks in his big-city dreams he’ll begin to look at his home island in a different light. One that might change his whole perspective on life.

What We Think: I love the message of this film. That mindset that home is where your heart is. But what is your heart wanders? Naz is a character that is loved and adored by his community but it isn’t enough for him. That is a thread I find super interesting. Director Alika Tengan put all the important facts in front of the screen. We don’t have to guess his characters intentions. They are simply laid out. It makes the film so much of a joy to watch. Naz doesn’t come off as ungrateful for having people that love him, no, instead he seems determined. Naz’ character is one we can relate to.

Our Grade: B, This is such an enjoyable experience. If you get the opportunity to check this one out you should certainly do so. Alika Tengan is a man with a future behind the lens. Check out our discussion with him below. I loved his insight into what the mindset for the film was speaking both from a character standpoint and what he wanted to do with it from a shooting perspective. The film has a spotify playlist as it’s OST (official soundtrack) I’ve placed that playlist below for everyone’s enjoyment.

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