Review: Everyone Will Burn (Fantastic Fest 2022)

Title: Everyone Will Burn (Y Todos Arderán)
Director: David Hebrero
Starring: Macarena Gómez, Rodolfo Sancho, Fernando Cayo
MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated
Runtime: 1 hr 54 mins

What It Is: In a small village in Leon, Spain, María José (30 Coins and Sexy Killer’s Macarena Gomez) prepares to end her life after failing to get over the death of her son years before. Everything changes when she receives a visit from Lucía, a strange little girl who might be connected to a local legend about stopping an impending apocalypse.

What We Think: This is an intriguing blend of melodrama and horror, yet also a bit of a burden for those who detest soap operas. The premise is a different take on the ‘child with supernatural powers’ trope, while also having elements of folklore, tragedy, and family drama. Those same elements are thrown together like three siblings from three different generations – some themes are more mature than others. There are a couple of threads that detract from the film’s momentum at times. However, the outstanding quality of this picture is the thriller/horror elements, with gorgeously lit set pieces that house harrowing sequences that will make any horror fan smile with delight – the brilliant cinematography is a true highlight here.

The main performances are quite compelling, with Macarena Gómez clearly giving it her all to the role of a conflicted human being who is thrown into the mix of supernatural consequences. Supporting actors that really caught my eye were of Fernando Cayo and Rodolfo Sancho, who deliver terrific monologues with ferocious intensity (interchangeable with insanity). As for young Sofía García, kudos for giving an empathetic side to her character. One of the gripes here is the film’s editing – some cuts feel disjointed, with a couple of scenes ending up feeling disjointed and sort of meshed together. Thankfully, during lingering, long silences for certain scenes the choice to not cut was a welcome partner in the film’s suspenseful endeavors.

Our Grade: B-; While offering fantastic thrills, performances, and visuals, Everyone Will Burn is also a tentative pill to swallow for those who might enjoy a lighter story to follow.