Review: Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris


Title: Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris
MPAA Rating: PG
Director: Anthony Fabian
Starring: Lesley Manville, Isabelle Huppert, Lambert Wilson
Runtime: 1 hr 55 mins

What It Is: Ada Harris (Manville) is a simple woman. She’s a widow, a cleaning woman and someone in love with the idea of a couture dress. She wants one of her own so she scrubs those floors and folds that laundry all in the hopes of scrapping together the money to head to Paris and grab her own custom gown made by Dior themselves. But is the dream a little too much for an ordinary woman like Mrs. Harris?

What We Think: This is an absolute delight. Lesley Manville is infinitely charming as Mrs. Harris. It fires on all cylinders when it comes to the script it’s funny when it needs to be, it hits you emotional at just the correct moments to be effective. Overall I have to say there’s just something to this film that works in an odd way. This is such a fun film that really understands the human condition. All we want is to be loved and to love others. Sometimes we hyper-fixate on things that don’t matter, or appear to not be important.

Our Grade: B+, What a great experience this film is. Audiences are going to LOVE this film and have a great time while seeing it. There’s really not a lot of bad stuff happening here. Lesley Manville is such a charming actress in all her roles and was really the right woman to bring Mrs. Harris to life. One of the years biggest surprises. I was not sure at all what to expect with this. What I will say is that I think it’s currently available on VOD and you should all do yourself a favor and watch it. You’ll leave in a better mood then you went in with.

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