Review: The Gray Man


Title: The Gray Man
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: The Russo Brothers
Starring: Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas
Runtime: 2 hrs 2 mins

What It Is: A former criminal is introduced to a top secret CIA program. One that sees him as a great operative. Six (Gosling) is the name he’s been given. Now there’s a definite leak in the programs security. This has led to one of it’s leaders going rouge and seeking the help of fellow assassin Lloyd Hansen (Evans). Hansen will do what he must to assure Six and the others in his organization are thoroughly eliminated and burned to the ground.

What We Think: I feel like the Russo Brothers just sort of make crap. This film lacks polish and doesn’t feel like anything new or worthwhile. In fact it feels like just another in a series of unspectacular pieces by a subpar duo of sibling directors. Ryan Gosling brings his usual charm to the role but Ana De Armas is absolutely wasted in spite of Evans giving his best to chew scenery as the villain. I am of the belief that if it weren’t for Evans’ antics here this would be a complete fail. As it stands its just another example of Netflix’ mediocrity.

Our Grade: D, God I wish this had been good. The elements were here. Sadly the direction lets down the middle of the road material that’s elevated by very fun performances from the films leads. As for the aesthetics I have to be honest and tell you all that this is a somewhat gorgeous looking action film. Intriguing cinematography is often less important than pure camerawork when it comes to action films. I really wish I could come up with viable reasons for anyone in their correct mind to watch this. Sadly I am at a loss. Don’t watch this. It is an utter waste of time.

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