Review: Do Revenge


Title: Do Revenge
MPAA Rating: TV-MA
Director: Jennifer Kaytin Robinson
Starring: Camila Mendes, Maya Hawke, Austin Abrams
Runtime: 1 hr 58 mins

What It Is: Drea (Mendes) was the talk of her school going into the end of her junior year. That is until someone, most likely her boyfriend Max (Abrams) leaked a sex tape of her. Now she’s out for revenge on Max and with the help of new girl Eleanor (Hawke) she’ll have a partner in crime. But will the two of them get the revenge they seek? Or is Max perhaps too ironclad to be harmed by any action they take.

What We Think: This is a deliciously twisted and turny little plot here. Drea and Eleanor are great characters and Mendes and Hawke bring them brilliantly to life. Honestly I’d heard the hodgepodge about this film and it is as it was rumoured, quite scandalous. Do teenage girls act like this? I don’t really know. Never was one, never will be one. If it is then…well…goddamn. Vengeful little things aren’t they? Robinson is fine doing her thing nothing to write home about from behind the lens. Her script though. Her script is fascinating. At time it is your basic teenage comedy at other types it a whole revenge drama. It’s juicy throughout nonetheless.

Our Grade: B-, It works more than it doesn’t. It’s quite catty and scandalous. Because of that there’s just quite enough here to hold your interest, even if you can see the twist coming a mile away, which I don’t think you will, you’ll enjoy yourself thoroughly throughout. Check this one out since it’s on Netflix and easily accessible. What needs to be said is that the young cast here are going to be doing stuff for quite a while. Abrams for example plays the Gen-Z version of the ’80s bully so well. I think I’d like to see him explore that more. Might be fun.

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