Review: Unseen



Title: Unseen
Director: Set Hernandez
Starring: Pedro
MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated
Runtime: 1 hr 28 min

What It Is: An aspiring social worker, Pedro must confront political restrictions as a blind, undocumented immigrant to get his college degree and support his family. But when attaining his dreams leads to new and unexpected challenges, what will Pedro do?

What We Think: Unseen brilliantly presents the struggle of one man with big dreams. In the face of such unimaginable obstacles, our main character Pedro navigates through uncertainty and life-questioning events – his struggle is very compelling. Hernandez does a great job presenting this journey through some very inventive cinematography choices, such as the opening scene that encompasses a normal moment for Pedro in his daily life which has a constant blur, though never to the effect of complete distortion – images fade in and out and we get to wear Pedro’s eyes for a moment.

That technique is always present in the frames of this documentary, the focus of the camera playing a very important role in us understanding Pedro’s point of view. There are deep philosophical moments of internal questioning where not only does it apply to Pedro’s journey, but it may also appeal to a point someone watching may have experienced in their life – such as a crossroads or finding inner peace. A long, 6 year journey is shown to us in just under an hour – a feat that is difficult to pull off but serves as a tight and intimate observation on very important moments in Pedro’s life.

Our Grade: B;  If you’re interested in how someone with such life altering conditions could succeed in the world we’re in today, this is a documentary you must see. I would implore that Pedro’s story would inspire the most discouraged of viewers – a heartful look at what it means to overcome one’s fears, even when they’re staring right at your face.

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