Review: Days of Daisy


Title: Days of Daisy
MPA Rating: Not Yet Rated
Director: Alexander Jeffery
Starring: Jency Griffin Hogan, Bryan Langlitz, Maddie Nichols
Runtime: 1 hr 36 mins

What It Is: Daisy, 39, a good-natured librarian, desperately wants to have a baby. She meets Jack, the creative man of her dreams, only to discover that he doesn’t want children.

What We Think: Days of Daisy is a dramedy in every sense of the word. However, the way those elements are mixed together and presented make the overall tone feel like flecks of sugar trying to blend in water. There just isn’t enough there for the film to be as enjoyed as it should. Some standout frames here and there in the rest of the film… but I still didn’t take home anything of note by the end of it, except of course a few laughs.

Given that this is an independent production I will forgo any visual queries and focus on the screenplay and direction, which is alright for the most part. The performances are the best that they can be for this type of a film, although there are some scenes where actors don’t feel like they’re engaged and within their world. The score is funky and upbeat, suiting the quirky conversations quite well. The chemistry between most of the characters is fairly tangible and there are heartfelt moments that I really enjoyed which mostly took place in and around the art classes and its cast of characters our protagonist takes on. The story itself has a good foundation but I didn’t feel very attracted to it – not meaning that you won’t be, of course.

Our Grade: C+; While laughs are rattled around and the characters chuckle, cry, and smirk at the situations life throws at them. How they deal with those problems? See if it makes you chuckle, cry, or smirk.

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