Review: Extraction 2


Title: Extraction 2
MPA Rating: R
Director: Sam Hargrave
Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Golshifteh Farahani, Tornike Gogrichiani
Runtime: 2 hrs 2 mins

What It Is: Following directly after the actions of Extraction Tyler Rake is enjoying some much needed rest and relaxation. After being grievously injured Rake is out of commission. That is until he receives a job he legitimately cannot refuse. His sister-in-law, well ex-sister-in-law is married to a violent Georgian gangster. He is tasked with, as the title implies, extracting her. Of course the gangster and his equally morally corrupt brother are hellbent on not allowing THAT to happen. Whatever it takes.

What We Think: Once again, same as it ever was Sam Hargrave is just a REALLY good action director. There’s one scene in particular that is simply thrilling. It’s quite obvious this will be the action vehicle for both Netflix and Chris Hemsworth. He’s absolutely the right guy for this and Hargrave is absolutely the right director. For me this is a modern take on the classic action film. Instead of these overly buff himbos who are clearly roided out. Hemsworth looks buff but not overly so. Where this film succeeds? Making us violently hate its villain. In this we are satisfied when the inevitable third act kicks in.

Our Grade: B+, What I liked the most about this film and was the case with the first is that the action is not constantly cut to and from. We get to sizzle in it. There’s clearly a plan for this series of films to continue. This, to me, is a definite positive. With great action set pieces and wonderful and exhilarating bits there’s a future for this “franchise”. It’d be a first for the streaming wars. A action franchise. While smaller in scope then something like Mission Impossible or John Wick it has merit and worth in this crazy cinematic world.

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