Review: God is a Bullet


Title: God is a Bullet
MPA Rating: R
Director: Nick Cassavetes
Starring: Maika Monroe, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Karl Glusman
Runtime: 2 hrs 36 mins

What It Is: Detective Bob Hightower (Coster-Waldau) has just realized a nightmare. His ex-wife has been murdered in cold blood and his teenage daughter has been abducted. As he investigates it becomes clear that she’s been taken by a cult. When the police realize that Case (Monroe) might have an “in” on some information on these cult members and their supposed leader, the charismatic and frightening Cyrus (Glusman). But is Case, a former heroin addict, really the best place to start with Bob’s daughter on the line? It might be his only option.

What We Think: Are we SURE this is the same Nick Cassavetes who’s mother is the brilliant Gina Rowlands, who’s dad is the legendary director John Cassavetes. THIS film was directed by the same guy who was behind the lens for The Notebook! I couldn’t believe. I couldn’t believe it because this film is simply sloppy. Uncoordinated, unfocused and a real mess. As we slog through this almost 3 hour film there just isn’t anything worth sticking around for. Our BOY Karl Glusman deserves better. Hell Jamie Foxx has won a damned Oscar! Coster-Waldau is trying to work with this material but it really isn’t working. Based around Boston Taren’s book of the same name there’s just something missing here. Somewhere in Cassavetes’ adaptation something was lost.

Our Grade: D-, This films biggest problem is that is unnecessarily long. There are times when this film just feels like it is completely off the rails. A series of scenes that are surely all about something similar…but don’t feel connected. What a waste of a perfectly talented group of actors and technicians. Had this come out of a first-time director I’d have still given this a terrible grade. That it came out of a guy with his pedigree, talent and track record THAT is the biggest disappointment. Skip this one for your sake and mine. It isn’t worth it.

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