Review: Maggie Moores (Tribeca Film Festival 2023)


Title: Maggie Moore(s)
MPA Rating: R
Director: John Slattery
Starring: Jon Hamm, Tina Fey, Nick Mohammed
Runtime: 1 hr 39 mins

What It Is: Police Chief Jordan Sanders (Hamm) has been tasked with solving a rather unusual murder mystery. You see two seperate and unrelated women have been murdered…both of which have the same legal name…Maggie Moore. What he uncovers is a slippery slope of lies and deception within his small town. In addition the police chief falls for the first Maggie’s neighbor the eccentric Rita (Fey). Further complicating his investigation into this really strange turn of events.

What We Think: There’s a lot to like here insofar as the cast goes. They are all really trying to make this weird, not so great script work. At many points the film absolutely works. In more ways however…it just doesn’t and in those ways the film fails. Structurally is where all the issues lie. The script isn’t great and even the immensely talented crew of actors can’t save it. John Slattery is a fine actor but behind the lens he isn’t the best I’ve seen. Sadly he’s probably the biggest problem with the film in it’s entirety. Sort of surprised to see this one at Tribeca. Given it’s mid-level quality doesn’t match the norm.

Our Grade: C-, This certainly could’ve been a better film but as it stands it’ll be something that you eventually see on accident because it’s on cable. Jon Hamm has been making some odd choices with the films he’s in. I think he did his old Mad Men pal a favor and it sadly amounted to not much else. What Tina Fey is doing here is anyone’s mystery. Frankly, this is a skip unless the odd plot interest you enough to check this one out. Otherwise…meh. It ain’t worth much.

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