Review: They Cloned Tyrone


Title: They Cloned Tyrone
MPA Rating: R
Director: Juel Taylor
Starring: John Boyega, Jamie Foxx, Teyonah Parris
Runtime: 2 hr 2 mins

What It Is: Fontaine (Boyega) got straight up murdered…or at least thats what pimp Slick Charles (Foxx) THOUGHT he saw. When Fontaine questions Slick Charles’ hoe Yo-Yo (Parris) a series of eerie and peculiar events lead to them finding a possible government conspiracy. Even if they don’t exactly know what they’ve gotten themselves into. But just how nefarious is this organization and what EXACTLY are their plans. THAT is what they’ll need to find out whatever that takes.

What We Think: This movie is very funny in most regards but there are times when it is altogether grating. John Boyega is GREAT here and continues to do fantastic work. I LOVED Teyonah Parris as Yo-Yo. She’s a firebrand that keeps the whole film matriculating. There’s a lot of social messaging here. Like A LOT. So much so you can see the bones of other films that spoke on social issues. It’s done so well and never hits you over the head with it. Walking that line is so difficult and this does it with a grace that’s impressive. It’s also just…really funny.

Our Grade: C+, It does some dope things but they aren’t interesting enough to hold me. It’s easy to access as its on Netflix but frankly it’s decent jokes, even if they’re at times too easy aren’t really worth spending the necessary time needed to get this film matriculating. We, as Ben Folds once said, have landed and we’re grounded and I’m fairly certain the engine has completely combusted. John Boyega is, and this is his norm, fantastic. He often has to carry these projects that he’s picking. A sign of a great actor, which he is, but one that maybe needs to reconsider his choices.

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