Review: To Fall In Love (SDIFF)


Title: To Fall In Love
Director: Michael Lewis Foster
Starring: Beth Gallagher, Eric Casalini
Runtime: 1 hr 27 mins
MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated

What It Is: An estranged couple uses The 36 Questions to Fall in Love as a last-ditch effort to save their marriage after a horrible tragedy split them apart.

What We Think: This film serves as a subversive outlook on the challenges of a tragic event, a rupture in one’s soul, and ultimately the mending of a relationship. A standout performance from Beth Gallagher leads us through this cleverly written (and adapted) script, with a full metamorphosis of character that is transfixing to see progress. Eric Casalini also does a terrific job as a man who harbors strong emotions behind a halcyon expression. Their chemistry varies from comfortable to confrontational, though it is a positive variation given the situation of their characters. Charming lines and exchanges are said and done, emotionally wrenching beats are as well. A good blend of

What surprised me the most was the evolution of these characters by the film’s end in contrast to its beginning. Mentioning once again that this is an adaptation of a play by the same name, the scenes are shot with little to no cuts, having us rely on the performances to carry us through the drama. A few technical elements caused my eye to wander at more than a few intervals, but at the end of the day they stayed attentive to the captivating lead performances, which, along with the very well written adaptation for the screen, are the main reason you should check this one out once it gets a wider release.

Our Grade: B+; Led by outstanding performances and a clever screenplay, To Fall In Love rewards the patient viewer with a captivating arc for the main characters.

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