Review: Your Lucky Day (Fantastic Fest 2023)


Title: Your Lucky Day
MPA Rating: R
Director: Dan Brown
Starring: Angus Cloud, Elliot Knight, Jessica Garza
Runtime: 1 hr 29 mins

What It Is: Sterling (Cloud) is a man who’s having a rather bad day. When he goes to the local liquor store a rich, obnoxious man ends up with a winning lottery ticket. So Sterling does what a person like Sterling would do in this situation. He robs the liquor store for that ticker leaving the unsuspecting shoppers within it. When the cops come, a simple robbery and hostage situation takes a turn for the absolute worst.

What We Think: This film flies by the seat of it’s pants the entire time. What a thrilling piece this is. It’s a film dedicated to the late Angus Cloud who passed away earlier this year and if this is his legacy on film (alongside his work on the small screen in Euphoria) then it’s a great legacy. He’s electric, even in the times when the film wants to sizzle Cloud pops off the screen. Even with that it is Jessica Garza who’s really of note here. It’s her feature debut and in this she’s absolutely great. Her character also has the biggest and best character arc.

Our Grade: B+, This film hits a theater near you very soon and I cannot more highly recommend you journey into that dark room and enjoy this absolute thrill-ride of a film. Start to finish this is one that knocks you down, beats you up a little and makes sure you don’t recover in time. A HECK of a film and one I think is sure to find it’s audience with a wide variety of people. Taut, thrilling and never lacking for moments that’ll tense you up. A really nice little surprise from Fantastic Fest, as they normally do.

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