Review: Players


Title: Players
MPA Rating: TV-MA
Director: Trish Sie
Starring: Gina Rodriguez, Damon Wayans Jr., Tom Ellis
Runtime: 1 hr 45 mins

What It Is: Mack (Rodriguez) works at a newspaper in Brooklyn. She reports on local sports. She and her friends, who also work at the newspaper, are serial daters. They even have games they play when a target is in sight. When a handsome author enters the fray Mack is smitten. Now a game is sprung to try and get her with this handsome author Nick (Tom Ellis). But will it be a success. Perhaps there’s a different person that deserves Mack’s attention.

What We Think: This is a marginally okay romantic comedy. I’m saying this out loud for the haters. The romantic comedy is back bitches! Even this one that is quite mid still has charm and chemistry amongst the cast. Gina Rodriguez is made for these roles. Look at her in Someone Great for proof of this. I really enjoyed a lot of this even if it wasn’t the best. There’s something so simple about a romantic comedy that has it’s characters grow from what they are to where they end up. That is this films strength, the chemistry between the cast. If Mack and her friends don’t draw you in you’re going to float through this hopelessly.

Our Grade: C, A perfectly sufficient romantic comedy. The kind of thing Netflix has sometimes shined doing. Here, however they make a film that’s sure to please the romcom weirdos like me. Even I, though, felt the runtime even though it’s only 105 minutes long. It’s a little bit predictable. Sadly, that might be where people lose interest. Even the funniest and most cool cast needs something to work with and they don’t have anything to work with here. This might be a skip for some for me it’s just…okay.

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