Review: Snack Shack


Title: Snack Shack
MPA Rating: R
Director: Adam Rehmeier
Starring: Conor Sherry, Gabriel LaBelle, Mika Abdalla
Runtime: 1 hr 52 mins

What It Is: Two young boys in 1991 Nebraska get the chance to run the snack shack at their local swimming pools. These dudes A.J. (Sherry) and Moose (LaBelle) are just trying to make some money. That is until a new neighbor catches A.J’s attention. The new neighbor, named Brooke (Abdalla) throws in cog in it all when both boys want to really impress her. This leads to descension in their ranks. Can the boys make the type of dough their looking to make or will Brooke Yoko Ono the plans these dudes have…completely without trying.

What We Think: Friend of the site Adam Rehmeier is both a cool dude and a great director. His follow up to the fantastic Dinner in America a film that was one of our “best of the fest” back at he 2020 Sundance Film Festival. This, like that, pulls no punches with it’s language, subject matter or jokes. It is all the better for it. The two young leads are great together and their relationship feels real. Rehmeier’s script is funny and the jokes all feel timed right. Rehmeier has a way of working with these actors who haven’t quite broken out yet and giving them trust to work.

Our Grade: B, Another fun endeavor from Adam Rehmeier mind of madness. A fun throwback to the early 1990’s that really shows the importance of friendship and those summer moments that can shape our whole lives. It’s a slice of life that shows just how deeply important having a best friend is. It shows what that can do at the best of times and in one part…the absolute worst of times. Check this one out. It is a rip roaring good time!

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