Reviw: Scoop


Title: Scoop
MPA Rating: TV-14
Director: Philip Martin
Starring: Billie Piper, Gillian Anderson, Rufus Sewell
Runtime: 1 hr 42 mins

What It Is: Sam McAlister (Piper) is a booker for the BBC show “Newsnight”. When she sees a photo of Prince Andrew “The Duke of York” (Sewell) walking with Jeffrey Epstein she is interested in an interview. Then it happens. Epstein is arrested for sex trafficking among a bevvy of other charges, Now this story is changed substantially. This interview is now going to have some questions about what Prince Andrew might’ve potentially been involved in. It’ll be up to journalist Emily Maitlis (Anderson) to get it out of him.

What We Think: While it tries to work in a similar way to Bombshell a film I thought was very alright and that this has a more focused approach. Piper’s McAlister is the life blood and she gives a very good performance. The story dips in importance a bit but frankly this is an overall well directed piece that I no lie found myself sinking into. Didn’t expect that, but the performances and overall vibe hit just well enough. I like the willingness of Philip Martin to keep the story very neutral!

Our Grade: B-, Look. It’s obvious that Prince Andrew is human garbage. The film tries, and somewhat succeeds in showing how much of an absolute man-child he actually was. Rufus Sewell gives an uncharacteristic but excellent performance as Prince Andrew. This is on Netflix so access is east for those with the streaming giant. This is a film I’d never have expected them to take on. Come for the controversial subject matter stay for the solid acting and interesting direction. Either way I don’t really think you’d be too disappointed with the results. Also. I love Gillian Anderson and have since I was a wee little film snob (thanks X-Files!)

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