Review: The Eagle


Title: The Eagle
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: Kevin McDonald
Starring: Channing Tatum, Jamie Bell, Donald Sutherland
Runtime: 1  hr 54 mins

What It Is? In Roman controlled 2nd Century Britain Marcus Aquila  (Tatum) looks to avenge his name by returning a lost artifact known as the Eagle of the Ninth. Marcus’s father Flavius lost said artifact 20 years earlier when his 5,000 man Ninth Legion disappeared outside what is present day Scotland. This brought shame to his family name, and now Marcus is fighting to clear his families name. Upon saving a young slave named Esca (Bell) Marcus is now burdened with him as his slave. Luckily for Marcus however Esca is a Caledonian, and can assist Marcus on his journey for the Eagle. Now Marcus has set out into enemy territory with a small army and Esca in toe.

What We Think?  The Eagle is nowhere near as good as some other films with an equally ancient premise. While it lacks common sense, especially when it comes to basic storytelling and structure. It does make up for those things with lame action sequences, lots of machismo, and plenty of violence. Now that’s not to say I’m against violence, the problem is when your fight scene look like something out of a Bennie Hill skit, and are less realistic to boot.

Our Grade: D, It struggles getting off the ground with poor acting, an even poorer script. It lacks any sort of emotion, which doesn’t allow you get connected with  the characters, and leaves this desert of disconnect with the audience. Overall it just isn’t a well directed film, and isn’t its main problem. It’s source material while not the strongest, isn’t done any justice whatsoever.

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