Snob Top Ten: X-Men That Haven’t Been On The Big Screen Yet!



With X-Men Days of Future Past opening today and having already seen it I can tell you the X-Men I’d like to see in Fox’s future installments. We’ve disqualified any X-Men who’ve appeared in any manner on the big screen. So even though it stunk Gambit, and Deadpool will both NOT be on this list (plus does Deadpool REALLY count as an X-Men…nah). Now if the character had only a cameo, that leaves them opened to the list but hurts their position. With that we’ll also tell you who I’d like to see play each role if they were to hit the big time.

10. Jubilee (1st Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #244): Yes she did appear in the original three films, but was she REALLY in them? Let’s just forget about the current theme of Jubilation Lee being a vampire and instead focus on her former abilities which are the ability to project pyrotechnic energy plasmoids, concussive blasts, ability to evade the detection of telepaths, ability to explosively charge objects. This is how she was portrayed in a majority of her older comic run, as well as her appearance in the 90’s television cartoon which aired on Fox. We’d like to see a proper display of her exuberance, and spirit that really shone in the animated version.
Who We’d Like to See Play Them: Hailee Stanfield. She’s an Academy Award nominated actress, and also still very young. Young enough to be a great addition to the X-Men universe whenever Fox gets around to adding her into the mix.
9. Mimic (1st Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #19): Yeah so anyone whose read the comics can tell you that the concept of Mimic is awesome but his literary execution was less then stellar however, I feel as though his concept could prove great for an on-screen adaptation. This ability? He has the powers of all five original X-Men. He has Cyclops’ eye beams, Beast out of this world agility and strength, Professor X’s telepathy, flight from Angel’s wings, and lastly the manipulation of ice like Iceman. In addition he has power mimicry. He can mimic five powers at one time. Can you imagine battling a guy who can mimic your power and use it against you. He is also not a mutant making him an excellent addition.
Who We’d Like to See Play Them: Richard Madden. I’d love to see the former King of the North as the man who can mimic he’s not too old, yet has a look aged enough to pull off a man whose been through some things. That singular ability makes him a great candidate for Calvin Rankin.
8. Oya (1st Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #528): A newer character created by Matt Fraction and Kieron Gillen she’s apart of “The Five Lights” story arch. Her ability is that she can manipulate temperature. Allowing her to control both fire and ice. She’s not OP’ed because she’s can only use the heat available in a given area. Of the Lights I’d say she’s the most interesting which is why I’ve included her. Perhaps they’ll touch on that storyline down the road and we can catch a glimpse of ‘The Girl Who Wouldn’t Burn’
Who We’d Like to See Play Them: Nicole Beharie. The Sleepy Hollow actress is just the right age for the role and I believe is as good as any to be the girl to harvest frost. She’s shown off her supernatural chops on Sleepy Hollow, while her role in 42 showed she can bring the dramatic performance as well.
7. Fantomex (1st Appearance: New X-Men #128): This guy has a TON of powers! First off he has three brains…yeah that’s weird. He has ceramics similar to Magneto’s helmet which make telepathic mutants useless against him. He’s an excellent marksman, along with his stellar hand to hand skills which include enhanced strength, speed, agility, dexterity, reflexes and reactions, coordination, balance, and endurance. Above all Fantomex can change someones reality and cause true to life illusions. This disorients his foes, making disposing of them much easier.
Who We’d Like to See Play Them: Since he wears a mask you could really have anyone play him. If you guys have an idea of who you’d like to see let me know for know the spectral Fantomex can be your favorite actor.
6. Dr. Nemesis (1st Appearance: Lighting Comics #6): One of the older characters in the Marvel canon he actually began his life in Lighting Comics Super Mystery Comics. The good doctor has several interesting abilities which include heightened intelligence and eyesight. He’s a doctor and being one gives him access to dangerous drugs. Drugs he puts into hypodermic needles, and shoots out at his enemies using a custom made gun.
Who We’d Like to See Play Them: Jon Hamm. Dudes handsome and has a voice that would fit the character who sometimes has to rely on his voice alone. Let’s make this one happen Fox he’s an interesting character who’d make a great, and intelligent antagonist.
5. Tempus (1st Appearance: New X-Men #1):With chronokinetic abilities (meaning the ability to freeze time) she definitely can stop things whenever she feels like it. Being a newer student of the New Charles Xavier School isn’t ever easy, it made all the more difficult when your family starts interfering in your personal affairs. And while this time controlling teen has had many an issue including falling for one of her teachers and being stuck in limbo thanks to Dormammu.
Who We’d Like to See Play Them: Emily Browning. Put in that great two-tone pixie cut haircut and she’ll put on a kickass performance as the X-Men Universe new schoolgirl badass. Where Eva fits storyline wise is a complete unknown, however it would be an interesting thing to see.
4. Magik (1st Apperance: Giant Size X-Men #1): Her name is Illyana Nikolaevna Alexandria Rasputina yeah that’s a mouthful and most just call her Magik. Her abilities start with things like teleportation (which she does through her stepping discs. And as her name would imply she’s a great sorceress, her Eldritch Armor, and Soulsword are great examples of that. She plays a part in the Age of Apocalypse storyline which is suppose to be the next film in the X-Men series. So we may be seeing Colossus’ sister sooner rather then later.
Who We’d Like to See Play Them: Dakota Fanning. She’s not quite a little girl anymore, yet she could exude the youth needed to play someone in the age range for Magik in addition she’s a natural blonde with years of acting experience. She’d be an excellent addition to the cast.
3. X-23 (1st Appearance: NYX #3): Laura Kinney was cloned from a damaged genome of fan favorite Wolverine. This being the case she has powers similar to her “test tube” father. His healing factor, as well as his bone claws. Unlike Wolverine she only has two claws in her arms, and one in each foot. She also ends up getting a dip in an Adamantium bath. Her personality traits are very unique to her. She speaks immaculately, and maintains her control when it comes to her words. However, thats where it ends she loses her mind when it comes to pretty much anything else.
Who We’d Like to See Play Them: Zoey Deutch. While she hasn’t proven to be a viable and believable actress in her previous endeavors (Vampire Academy, Beautiful Creatures) there’s alot that remains to be seen from the daughter of Lea Thompson. I think this is the type of role that can show range, and hope I’m right.
2. Psylocke (1st Appearance: Captain Britain Vol. 1 #8): A British ninja with telekenetic powers she’s the twin brother of Captain Britain as well. There’s a great Nation X story they can tap into to with Fanotmex whose also on this list. Her psychic katana, and psychic knife are awesome weapons that should they attempt a big screen adapt would be awesome. She’s in the Age of Apocalypse (who isnt though) so she may be making an appearance sooner rather then later. Her skills in martial arts make for some great hand to hand scenes that may be scene stealing fight choreography a la The Raid. 
Who We’d Like to See Play Them: Imogen Poots. She’s British, up and coming, and ready to kick some butt. Not only could she pull off the Raven-haired assassin, but I think in those vulnerable moments she has the chops to make you believe she could do whatever necessary to get her job done.   
1. Cable (1st Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #201): He’s a member of X-Force so the rumor of a supposed X-Force film means we may see him really soon. The son of Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Jean Grey clone Madeline Pryor he’s a time traveling sniper with enhanced physical attributes. His technopathy allows him to manipulate machines, and bend them to his will, this is introduced through his techno-organic left eye. His portrayal as an almost wild west type character within the futuristic universe gives him a grounded pathos despite being in a future setting.
Who We’d Like to See Play Them: Look at this photo tell me this guy doesn’t look like Josh Brolin. He’d be an excellent choice to play this guy, and introducing him up with James Marsden’s Cyclops bring an awesome juxtaposition not only from an age perspective because when he goes back in time he’s older then his father in that time, perhaps introducing the other Summers siblings would be a great idea too.

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