Review: The True Cost


Title: The True Cost
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: Andrew Morgan
Starring: Richard Wolff, Stella McCartney, Dr. Vandana Shiva
Runtime: 1 hr 32 mins

What It Is?: A documentary on the “true cost” of the current fast fashion trend. In this documentary we’re exposed to the process of making these items you’d find at places like Forever 21, H&M, and companies of that ilk. Basically all the stores middle-age dads get forced into at the mall by their tween daughters. Point is they make all of their clothing in places like Bangladesh for practically nothing. They then flip that 13 cent shirt into billions of dollars of profit at the behest of it’s underpaid workers in third world countries.

What We Think: While it’s efforts are valiant, as is the stance the director has taken that is part of the problem. There’s mp counter to the argument provided. It’s simply just a crucifixion of the fashion industry. In addition it isn’t a well made attack either. Not only does director Morgan not really get it, but the film seems to meander about as if it’s just waiting to get the the point. One saving grace for the film is the really cool music used in it. The mostly synthesizer soundtrack is something that’s been used before and here it seems to work as a soundtrack, but it seems kind of out of place at times.

Our Grade: D+, I feel as though a doc like this with a little more subtlety could have worked wonders. Perhaps more probing into the subject with the needed objectivity would have helped tremendously. Instead it’s a missed opportunity to tell a story that needs telling…by a lot more then an awful voiceover. Getting a different voice in there would probably be a great thing to liven up the mood…gosh!


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