Review: Opening Night


Title: Opening Night
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Isaac Rentz
Starring: Topher GraceAlona Tal, J.C. Chasez
Runtime: 1 hr 30 mins

What It Is: It’s opening night for a new musical called “One-Hit Wonderland” the star of the musical is former NSYNC member J.C. Chasez (played by himself).The director of this is former failed Broadway star Nick (Grace) whose ex-girlfriend Chloe (Tal) is the understudy for past her prime former Broadway actress Brooke (Anne Heche). When Brooke has a freak accident before the opening curtain it’s going to be all on Chloe to save the opening night for everyone. Meanwhile, Nick is still dealing with some things from his past.

What We Think: This movie is really funny. First and foremost I enjoy musicals that is just a fact. What I like about this movie is the pacing. It feels fast. There’s never a dull moment. Scenes kinda weave in and out with the mania and gonzo pace of the backstage area of any stage production. Director Isaac Rentz, whose interview with us you can read HERE keeps his hand light and just lets a lot of the film kinda breath. Topher Grace is good, Chasez is better than I thought he’d be but for me, Lesli Margherita is a show-stealer. I love her!

Our Grade: B, I was very impressed with how this went. I recall having to talk to Isaac Rentz without having seen the film and I’d like to talk to him again after having seen it. SO many questions at this point. I recommend this film and it’s easily accessible thanks to it being on Netflix. Get right on there and queue this one! I am impressed that a film with a budget like this looks this good. It has the feel of a film that cost 30% more. Such a wonderfully fun film!

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