Review: The Transfiguration


Title: The Transfiguration
Rating: NR
Director: Michael O’Shea
Starring: Eric Ruffin, Chloe Levine
Runtime: 97 Minutes

What It Is: A chilling take on the modern vampire film from first-time filmmaker Michael O’Shea. Set within the backdrop of Queens, New York City this is an atmospheric horror that focuses on 14-year-old Milo (Ruffin), a troubled youngster who takes refuge in the vampire mythology he studies to the point of obsession. When a chance encounter with neighbor Sophie (Levine) leads him to develop romantic feelings, they conflict with his dark urges which he struggles to suppress.

What We Think: Writer-director Micheal O’Shea’s first feature film is a solid mix of everyday drama and horror, with the emphasis firmly camped in the former. Like Martin which is mentioned in the film as one of Milo’s favourite movies the film does not stand or fall on the question of Milo’s vampirism.

Moreover, it is about the perils of living too much in your own head and not having others around you to keep yourself in check. Milo is a very lonely person and that’s why in his head his reality and fantasy are blurred as he harbors a dark secret which threatens to ruin any notion of a close relationship.

Milo’s friendship with the equally troubled Sophie might be the lifeline that keeps him from drifting farther into a dangerous fantasy world.

Our Grade: B+, Powered by excellent performances from our two leads and grounded in it’s less than glamorous New York locations, The Transfigurations pace will leave some audiences restless but it’s slow build up pays off beautifully.

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