Review: Hellraiser – Judgment


Title: Hellraiser: Judgment
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Director: Gary J. Tunnicliffe
Starring: Damon Carney, Randy Wayne, Alexandra Harris
Runtime: 1 hr 21 mins

What It Is: When visitors get invited to a mysterious home they are subject to an audit and judgment. The Auditor (played by director Tunnicliffe) will assess you and determine the punishment for your sins. When a cop, named Sean (Carney), falls into this home trying to investigate a series of murders something strange begins to occur to him. his brother David (Wayne), who’s also a cop notices this and begins to wonder what’s happening.

What We Think: So, full transparency we all know I’m not the biggest horror fan. Having said that Hellraiser is my favorite of the 80’s franchises. I’ve always had an affinity for Pinhead and his merry bunch of sadists. I’ve seen every one of these films and can say with some confidence that this is the best film in this franchise in some time. There’s a bit of a struggle to take this narrative through to its completion, but it does its job and does it well enough. Paul T. Taylor fills the leather pants of Pinhead quite well and he’s quite good in his limited appearance.

Our Grade: C+, A welcomed change in quality for this franchise given just how bad the previous films were. If you’re a fan of this franchise or horror films as a whole you will certainly enjoy this particular film. Check it out to get a bit of the gore and violence you adore out of this. There are some solid performances and an overall sense that a bit more money was put into this film than any of the previous 5 or 6 entries in the franchise. It was direct to DVD and Blu-Ray so it is currently available for you to check out, and perhaps you should do so.

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