Review: Narcissister Organ Player (Las Vegas Film Festival)


Title: Narcissister Organ Player
MPAA Rating: Not Yet Rated
Director: Narcissister
Starring: Narcissister
Runtime: 1 hr 31 mins

What It Is: Narcissister (Born 1971 as Isabelle Rachel Lumpkin) is a performance artist known the world over for her strange, highly sexual and bold pieces. The woman, of Moroccan and African-American descent, has a deep love for her family, especially her mother. This documentary explores her experiences growing up. The paths of both her parents that lead to the life she’s lead and the effects it ha on the work she’s done and will continue to do. All while performing art that will have you wondering what he’s trying to say. 

What We Think: Going in I had no clue about this artist herself. Afterward, however, I felt a closeness to her. This doc really made me connect to the enigmatic artist. It worked almost like a scrapbook of her families life. This has a lot to do with decisions made by both Narcissister herself and editor Taryn Gould, who we spoke to at the festival and she introduced the film. Apparently, the scrapbook aesthetic was a suggestion from her and I think it worked for the story told. The story was, in fact, a personal one and there’s a scene in the third act that’ll break you down emotionally. For me, it is the highlight of a pretty good documentary. 

Our Grade: B+, There’s not going to be a ton of docs that touch this one in terms of raw emotion and utter introspection. A look at one families history and one woman’s complex, and difficult journey that brought her to the artist she is today. I can with utter confidence recommend this film to fans of documentaries. It’s something that if you give it the chance will bring emotions forward, and maybe even teach you a thing or two you didn’t know.

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