Review: The Addams Family


Title: The Addams Family
Rating: PG
Director: Conrad Vernon, Greg Tiernan
Starring: Charlize Theron, Finn Wolfhard, Chloe Grace Moretz
Runtime: 1h 45m

What It Is: Members of the mysterious and spooky Addams family – Gomez, Morticia, Pugsley, Wednesday, Uncle Fester and Grandma – are readily preparing for a visit from their even creepier relatives. But trouble soon arises when shady TV personality Margaux Needler realizes that the Addams’ eerie hilltop mansion is standing in the way of her dream to sell all the houses in the neighborhood.

What We Think: Cute and comical. This is definitely not like the traditional Addams Family that most people are familiar with. Yes, all the family members of the Addams Family are represented and yes, this Addams Family is still just as “creepy, kooky, mysterious, spooky, and altogether ooky” as everyone remembers them being. Their house is also still looking like an interesting museum. However, this film was definitely an interesting spin to a cult classic. Albeit, not everyone is going to like this film. Admittedly, I feel that this movie is going to be more of a favorite among children given the social media references as well as the nods toward middle school bullies and drama associated with middle school. However, it may still be enjoyable for adults who are big fans of animation and the Addams Family. With that said, taking the animation into consideration, everything was very well done and the storyline worked given the plot. One thing that could have been done was a bit of a change of pace towards the middle near the end of the film. It does get a tad bit slow. Regardless, I do feel that for those that are not a big Addams family fan or for those kids that have yet to see the Addams family or are possibly too scared given how dark some might see the original film, this film might be a good way to introduce them to the classic.

Our Grade: B-, So this is a very interesting and unique take on the original classic most people are in love with. Definitely a very cute and good family film to take your kids to!

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